Mini Workshop on

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vs Corporate Social Entrepreneurship (CSE)

At BIZCOM 2020, the workshop titled “CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) vs CSE (Corporate Social Entrepreneurship)” will be conducted by Jerryson Doss. The participants are invited to take the maximum outcome from this workshop during the Conference. This will develop an argument vs Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Social Entrepreneurship (CSE) and discuss how Corporate Social Entrepreneurship can be applied in Profit making companies. Below points will be discussed.

  1. Define the Terms of CSR and CSE
  2. Generate a discussion on the difference – and covering each of the below elements
Culture of Doing Good – Feel Better Factor Culture of Purpose – Them getting Better
Business as usual – Profit centric and then taking a charitable approach Exploring new markets and changing the way business see the world
Charitable Empowering
Separated from the business – CSR initiative Part of the Core Business
Reactive Proactive
Meeting Todays Requirement – Being Responsible Meeting Tomorrows Challenges – Being the solution
Stakeholders Accountability Stakeholders Value
Stimulating sustainable behaviour Stimulating entrepreneurial DNA and Innovation

3. Talk about the challenges the corporates have in evolving from CSR to CSE.

Resource Person




Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur



Date: 12th March 2020
Time: 3.00 p.m. – 4.00p.m.

Audience: Complimentary for Participants (First come first serve basis)