Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur




Jerryson Doss is a philanthropist, motivational speaker, Entrepreneur and facilitator for various youth empowerment programs nationwide. Since 1997, his work and passion has been revolving charity whereby it involves reintegration of rehabs graduates, homeless, ex-addicts, urban poor and destitute into society thorough employment and skill enhancement. He also has established schools, refugee centres, orphanage and homeless shelter and transit homes of which he owns and has open to this special crowd. Jerryson received several other awards in recognition of his service for marginalised communities including the Star Golden Heart Award, the Top Outstanding Malaysian Award, GIBA Outstanding 10 Malaysian Award. As an entrepreneur, his company Viva Odyssey has won several awards and the most recent being the APICTA Award 2018, Best of Social Entreprise and SME (BOSS 2017), GRANDEUR International Business Award and several other awards over the past 9 years.

He is the founder of Viva Odyssey and Viva Starfish Project and CEO Futurist of Viva Group of Companies and has been involved in operations and social charitable scene since 2009. Via the Viva City Global Group of Companies – Viva Odyssey was given the highly prestigious award which is the (SOBA) STAR OUTSTANDING BUSINESS AWARD 2018 – Best in CSR and personally Jerryson Doss is the recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Award during the SOBA Awards Night.



International Speaker
Facebook Marketing Trainer
Bestselling Author



Speech title : “”Disrupting Businesses with Zero Budget Influence Marketing”” 

Speaking: Trademark topic Zero Budget Facebook Marketing strategies shared in Southern Illinois University, Carbondale a Forbes Top Start-up University and Bloch Business School of Management, University of Missouri Kansas City, USA and entrepreneurs in Singapore, Malaysia Social Media Week 2017, 2018 and 2019 and International Surveyors Congress 2017 and 2018

Training: Property, insurance, direct selling and unit trust agencies; teams from IQI Properties, Parkland Group, Zhulian Berhad, Hai-O Marketing and Public Mutual in Malaysia and Entrepreneurs in Singapore

Book: Now or Never on Malaysia’s largest English bookstore chain MPH Bookstore’s Top Ten Bestseller List for twenty-one weeks. Best Business Nominee 2017 alongside books by Richard Branson, Jack Ma and Tony Robbins, marketed with zero budget on Facebook

Media: Featured in BFM Radio (89.9), Capital TV’s Movers and Shakers, Channel W’s Talking Points, Malaysia SME’s Pillars, TheStar Education, The Sun and The Heat, Malaysia SME and Entrepreneur Insight

Prof. Sergius Koku

Florida Atlantic University,
Boca Raton, Florida,

Speech title : “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – The Changing Phases of Innovation”

Prof. Sergius Koku is a tenured full professor at the Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida, USA.  A Fulbrighter, he holds the JD from the University of Miami School of Law, PhD (Finance and Marketing), MBA (Finance), and MA (Applied Economics), all from Rutgers University.  He also holds MBA (Marketing) from Oregon State University, and BA Finance (Summa Cum Laude) from University of the Virgin Islands. Prof. Koku is a well-known interdisciplinary researcher.

Prof. Dr. Alassane B. NDIAYE

Professor and Chairperson

Universite Libre de Bruxelles,

Prof. Dr. Alassane B. NDIAYE, a Civil Engineer and MBA is a Professor of Transport Systems & Logistics at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles, founder and Director of Qalinca-Labs, a major Logistics & Transport Systems R&D laboratory in Brussels.

Educated in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Stanford University and at the MIT, he is a Visiting Scientist at the University of California at Berkeley and a Guest Professor in 10+ universities in Africa, South America and South East Asia.

Among his achievements is a strong track record of 250+ large industrial and R&D projects delivered on the 5 continents and a dozen of excellence and capacity building centres in transport & logistics in Indonesia, Tunisia, Ecuador, Senegal, Vietnam, South Africa, Brazil, Cambodia, etc..

Certified Performance Management Professional and co-owner of a patented methodology for integrated strategic decision making, he is the co-founder of two R&D start-up companies active worldwide in the field of transport, logistics and supply chain management.

Expert Adviser of many national, international and governmental institutions, he is a member of the two Horizon 2020 High-Level Advisory Groups for Transport and for International Cooperation.

Prof. Dr. Ndiaye’s skills are particularly oriented towards the innovative ways of integrating ideas from latest research with best practices for the identification, implementation and replication of value creative knowledge solutions; those enablers capable of driving transport/mobility systems and supply chains to a high level of excellence.