The International Conference on Business, Commerce and

Management Studies 2020

“Managing Business in the Era of Digital Disruption”


The International Conference on Business, Commerce and Management Studies 2020 – (BIZCOM 2020) which will be held from 12th – 13th  March 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is an interdisciplinary conference that aims to encourage and promote high-quality research on important issues in business & commerce with the primary objective of providing stimulating and constructive feedback and dialogue.

We invite you to submit abstracts that address the functional areas of business, commerce and Management Studies. (e.g., accounting, economics, commerce, operations, finance, information system, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, international business, business law, CSR, ethics, Islamic business, agricultural economics, and recreation resource management). The conference provides an opportunity to publish quality and well-written original research related to supporting journals. Submitted papers will be double-blind peer-reviewed, and papers will be accepted based on originality and their contribution to knowledge.  Accepted papers that are presented will be published in the Conference Proceedings. Abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts.


The conference will feature the following tracks but not limited to,

  • Track 1: Accounting/Financial Accounting
  • Track 2: Banking, Corporate Governance and Finance
  • Track 3: Entrepreneurship
  • Track 4: Strategic Management
  • Track 5: Marketing
  • Track 6: Business Law and Management
  • Track 7: Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Track 8: Organizational Behavior
  • Track 9: Business Communication and Information Systems
  • Track 10: Management and Economics Issues in the Public Sector (and non-profit)
  • Track 11: Theoretical, Applied Economics and Managerial Economics
  • Track 12: Technology and Innovation Management
  • Track 13: Human Resource Management
  • Track 14: Public Administration
  • Track 15: Business Administration
  • Track 16: Business IT
  • Track 17: Business Law
  • Track 18: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Track 19: Islamic Business – (Islamic Finance, Islamic Marketing and Islamic Law)

Abstract submission and Deadlines


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